Midsummer Festival Dailies

The Midsummer Festival is one of the busiest festivals we’ve ever had in LOTRO, with so many different quests to choose from. If you tried to do them all every day it would take hours and who has the time for doing that every day, especially if you’re trying to complete the main wrapper quest.

What you want is to get through your dailies as easily and as quickly as possible and, after lots of testing and different versions of this route, I present to you the Festival Flunkies kin fastest dailies route!

The main principle of these choices has been speed and ease, so we’re avoiding (as much as possible) any competitive quests; its open tap or super-fast respawn FTW here. We’re also avoiding any long ride detours or doubling back along the route. If you follow these quests and this route you should be done with your dailies well inside 30 minutes.

We’ve tried all the quests and we’re pretty certain that this will be the fastest way to go, so if we’re all in a rush we’d best get started!

Here we go…

Welcome to Minas Tirith! Make sure to get the wrapper quest from Faeleth and then lets head straight into the City Stables for your first quest of 10.

1. Workers Tier

Loboris the stable-hand needs help on a really easy quest, “Aiding the stable hands”. Head to the back of the stable to find the crates, 2 horses on the right, 1 in the middle, 3 on the left & you’re done!

Now lets talk to the stable master and head to the high stables to pick up some quests.

Top tip, dismount from the horse whenever you arrive on that circle, it saves you constantly riding back, its lost time and it all adds up.

2. The Citadel

Once you ride up to the tower level, you’ll talk to Merilien.

We’re looking for fast, non-competitive, single location or single circle quests, ideally, so just pick up the “To the last drop” & “What Ales You” quests.

Head left and speak to Othnoron and pick up the “Tasty Morsels” quest, then head north until just before Frodo & Sam where you find the florist. Collect “Arranging arrangements” quest.

You need to have finished the Wedding quests to do this next one, but you’ve already finished those, right? Come on, free mount and easy trait point! You’ll be glad you got those done, because now you can ride across the piazza to Merethrond Banquet Hall.

Go into Merethrond Banquet Hall, speak to Toldir the sour-faced Chamberlain & collect “A long awaited banquet”

There’s 9 different quests to complete the “A feast of fellowship” deed, so if you’re going for that then pick appropriately, but if you’re here for speed then you need to speak to Faramir.

Bury a stone by the new white tree sapling, then back into the hall for hand in, done and dusted! Its time to move on back to the High Stables.

We’re heading for The Soldier’s Tier.

3. The Soldier’s Tier

When you arrive here, right over the road is Borlach who has a quest you want to collect, “Artistic Direction”.

Turn left & head to The Splintered Shield pub.

Go inside and turn a hard left up the stairs, to talk to Ulthir, who wants all the minstrels to shut up.

You do this by tossing coins to the various musicians who are around the pub. Top marks to anyone who can do this without singing “Toss a coin to your witcher” in your head at the time.

These musicians aren’t open tap, but with a sub-10 second respawn time they’re really not hard to do. Only one is tricky to find, upstairs in one of the hostel areas.

For an extra tip, if you see someone else starting the quest at the same time (the first musician is on the mezzanine level with Ulthir) then turn around and head down the stairs to get the next musician. You have to come back up here to hand in the quest anyway and then you’ll be one who is ahead and not waiting those 8 seconds for respawn…

Head down to the cellar, where you’ll find a musician to throw a coin at, the first barrel of ale to collect for “What ales you” and the wine to taste for “To the last drop”.

This quest is basically a spot-the-difference quiz, so to get this done quickly take a moment to move your camera view to overhead and look at all the glasses of wine. Once you’ve done this a few times you’ll be able to spot the odd one out and that’s the glass you want, so instead of standing there and wasting time trying lots of glasses you should be able to get it right first or second go and then you’re done.

Don’t forget to go back upstairs to hand in the quest to Ulthir, then head out and mount up again, to ride further to The Mumak and Keep pub, which is right at the end of the circle.

Go inside and you’ll see the second barrel you need to collect for the “What ales you” quest, collect and then ride all the way back to the stables, longest ride you’ll have to do on this route, I promise!

When you get to the stables we’re heading for The Craftsmen’s Tier.

4. The Craftsmen’s Tier

Turn right and run across the road and you’ll find the potter you need to collect from for “Artistic Direction”, then retrace your steps to the stables and go through the open door behind them and down the ramp to the left.

At the bottom of the ramp you find Lebadar, progress “Artistic Direction”.

Then head across this area to find the worried woman.

Collect “Unhelpful Hounds” from the Worried Woman & chase down the dog who took her ring. It’ll be one of the dogs that is zig-zagging fastest, or the slow one that goes up and down the steps to a little raised area. Usually 3 or 4 clicks is enough.

Turn in this fast quest & then head back up the ramp to Craftsman’s Circle. Turn left and ride until you reach Ciriel, who is standing by an oven.

Progress “Artistic Direction” & collect “Sweet treats”. Got to feed those hungry guards! Keep going left and speak to the first two hungry guards.

Keep heading west until you reach The Merry Swan pub. Go in, because we’re going to progress 2 quests.

At the end of the pub is a stage with a very good band, going by the crowd reaction. They need some floral decoration though and you need to put 2 out to progress “Arranging Arrangements”, so do that, turn around and the third cask you need to collect for “What ales you” will be on your right. Pick it up and head out of the pub.

Ride back past Ciriel and find the last 2 hungry guards (the last one is just before the tunnel, if you end up in there you’ve gone too far), then ride back to Ciriel to hand in the quest. That’s 5 quests handed in, but really we’re more than half way done.

Turn around and head up the ramp that’s just by Ciriel and you’ll be on the next tier!

5. Players Tier

Not far to go now! Turn right when you get here to find Daghir, who is the first person you need to find to progress “Tasty Morsels”.

Then turn around and ride in the opposite direction. You’ll find the other 4 people you need for this quest on the way to your next destination.

Keep riding until you reach The Blue Theatre.

Head in and go all the way to the end (avoid picking up the quest in here, life is simply far too short to attempt it) and you will find 3 more places to put out flower arrangements.

Put those out and the quest will autocomplete, that’s handy! Leave the theatre and ride back to the stables, its not far.

Take the stables back to The Soldier’s Tier and hand in the quest to Borlach of Rimmon, then get the stables up to the Sage’s Tier.

6. Sage’s Tier

Mount up and head left, riding all the way to the end of the tier, where you’ll find The Thirsty Seer pub.

Head in and run forward until you can’t go any further because there’s a wall in front of you, turn right, run to the end and you’ll find the last cask you need for “What ales you”.

Retrace your steps, leave the pub and ride past the Houses of Lore and up the ramp that immediately appears on your left.

7. The Citadel

By now you’ve completed 7 quests and there’s just 3 left to hand in, so you’re done!

But, if you weren’t able to do the quest in Merethrond (because you’ve not done the Wedding quests) or if you have 2 minutes to spare for a bonus quest then there’s another one on the way!

Head right when you reach this tier and in just a moment you’ll be at Houses of Healing High Hall, also called Hall of Remedies.

Head in and speak to Ioreth, who wants you to get rid of some noisy revellers (what sort of weirdo goes to revel in a hospital anyway?) and to pick up some discarded bottles.

The revellers aren’t open tap, but their respawn timers are so fast that by the time you’ve collected a couple of (open tap) bottles they’ll be back again, so you can tell them again, meaning you can do this with just 3 revellers and in about 2 minutes, even if its busy.

You can choose to add this one in as an extra, or replace one of the other quests along the way, either way its worth including.

Leave the building and ride up to the tower once again, to hand in quests to Merilien and Othnoron.

Its really tempting to go shopping with all your tokens now, but lets make one more trip first, so back to the stables and down to the City Stables, just in case you forget.

8. Worker’s Tier

Always hand that wrapper quest back in to Faeleth before you forget and make the whole thing a total fail-eth.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the whole route and done 10 (or 11) quests in about 25 minutes. Now you can get on with the rest of your life or LOTRO life, if you have more alts to run through the festival.

Post-wrapper wrap up

I hope you’ve found this Midsummer Festival dailies guide useful! Watch out for future tips and guides from the Festival Flunkies kin in the future, but a big thanks for coming here for our very first tip guide!